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SweepersChoice makes it easy for you to enter sweepstakes from big companies like Coca Cola, Pepsi, Frito Lay or Ford Motor, which hold free promotions, and give away millions of dollars in cash, cars, computers, cruises, and other prizes, every single month.

Once a day, you start the Sweepers Choice software which you use from your computer. It then searches the internet for new promotions, and downloads them. You pick & choose the sweepstakes you want to enter, then click a button to enter. The software then visits each website page, fills in the sweepstakes form, clicks submit, and you are entered. What would normally take you hours by hand is now done in seconds.

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  • Cash prizes of $100, $250, $500, $1000, and even grand prizes of $10k!
  • Books, CDs, Movie Tickets, Customized Prizes, Expensive/Luxury watches
  • Vacation packages, hotel stays, and luxury vacations worth $5,000+!
  • Computers, iPads, iPods, Accessories, and a $30,000 Sports car!
  • Plus thousands of other prizes!

Wouldn't you love to win big? Wouldn't you love to maximize your chances of winning by entering 50-500 daily sweepstakes easily, every day, with the click of a button? Watch the video to see how easy it is to use!

Sweepers Choice benefits you because:

  • It's Easy to Use - 1 Click Solution to fill in and enter 100's of sweepstakes
  • Saves Time - Enter 100's of sweepstakes in minutes, not hours.
  • Add your Own Sweepstakes - Use built in form filler to add new sweeps!
  • DQ Protection - Enter from your OWN computer, enter at allowed frequencies, and see sponsor ads to maximize your winning chances, which helps to prevent any kind of disqualification!
  • Lots of Prizes - From $25 gift cards to $10,000+ cruises & vacations!

The SweepersChoice software is a monthly service, that you can cancel at any time. Try it out now. As soon as your order is processed, you will be sent a registration code with download link with instructions to get started.

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The PREMIUM membership allows you to enter between 300-400 daily sweepstakes every single day, within minutes, not hours. Simply click a button, and enter!

You see what you are entering, you enter from your own computer, and you choose which sweepstakes to enter. The sponsors love that, which means you maximize your winning chances!

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The ELITE Newsletter is sent out twice a month. It contains the very best sweepstakes to give you the best chances of winning.

Our editors find the most winnable sweepstakes for you. They do this by evaluating thousands of sweepstakes, and calculating the number of entrants, the difficulty level in entering the sweepstakes, and other analyze other data to find you the best sweepstakes with the best odds of winning.

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Learn specific step by step strategies to maximize your winning chances. Contains one on one interviews from big prize winners, such as the man who won 200+ vacations, or the woman that won 10+ cars.

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