Remove Captchas

Easily enter 75-400 additional "hard to enter" daily sweepstakes with the click of a button!

The CAPTCHA service processes up to an additional 400 daily sweepstakes with the click of a button. It is an add-on to the premium membership. (So you could enter up to 800 daily sweepstakes, every single day). The prize pool tends to be up to an additional $250,000 in prizes, from things like electronics, vacation packages and cash prizes. These are sponsored by various companies across the USA. Many members win prizes several times over the cost of a membership!

CAPTCHAs are those types of sweepstakes where you have to view an image, and type in the characters. Sometimes it can be very difficult to do by hand. The software makes it easy, because it figures it out for you. It reads the image, and if it can't figure it out, keeps trying until it gets the right answer, so you don't have to.

Usually the software gets the CAPTCHAs 100% correct. If however, it doesn't - it will try again with a new captcha several times until it figures it out. It does this just like a real human would, except you get to avoid the headaches and enjoy seeing it done for you! As well - as old sweepstakes expire, new ones are added in - so you almost always have up to an additional 400 CAPTCHA sweepstakes, every single day!

Membership gives you the following benefits:

How do I get it?

The service comes in three different levels. You may remain a member as long as you wish, and you may cancel any time. It is a monthly service. We are constantly updating the software with new sweepstakes for you to use, and also utilize third party technology to process the CAPTCHAs in addition to our own proprietary algorithms. Please note - you need to have an existing SweepersChoice PREMIUM membership to add one of these CAPTCHA memberships.

You can pay using Paypal, Visa or Mastercard, or choose from several preferred payment options. We use BMTMicro as our secure payment provider. Charges on your credit card will be shown as coming from BMTMicro.

Choose the membership level you want by clicking on the corresponding green buy now button below.

Once you fill in your order details, and click submit, your order will be processed. It should take about 5-10 minutes to process. Once processed, restart the software 1-2x, and you should then see the CAPTCHA sweepstakes added as part of your premium membership.