Arrived in Paris!
Arrived in Paris!
Touring a Vineyard!
Touring a Vineyard!

Easily enter up to an additional 100+ high value daily sweepstakes (up to $1,000,000+ in prizes!)

The MILLIONAIRES! Club is an elite membership limited to a maximum of 100 members to help maximize winning chances for you. It is an add-on to the premium membership, that gives you access to an additional $1,000,000+ in sweepstakes prizes sponsored by various companies across the USA.

Each month, you have access up to an additional 100 high value sweepstakes, with a combined prize pool of approximately $1,000,000. Companies across the USA sponsor prizes such as all inclusive exotic vacations, large cash prizes to spend as you please, brand new cars to replace what you have, and much more. When you join the MILLIONAIRES! Club, you join a few select individuals with amazing chances of winning these types of prizes.

This is a sample of some of the larger prizes that our MILLIONAIRES! Club members have won:

How do I get it?

The service is only $100/month. Membership is limited to 100 members. You may remain a member as long as you wish, and you may cancel any time. However, when you do - that opens up a membership slot for someone else. If membership is full, you will not be able to re-join again until a new one opens up.

You can pay using Paypal, Visa or Mastercard, or choose from several preferred payment options. We use BMTMicro as our secure payment provider. Charges on your credit card will be shown as coming from BMTMicro.

Choose the level of service you wish, and click the green buy now button below to get started.

Once you fill in your order details, and click submit, your order will be processed. It should take about 5-10 minutes to process. Once processed, restart the software 1-2x, and you should then see the MILLIONAIRES! sweepstakes added as part of your premium membership.

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